The Story About Kinya

We pride ourselves on the experience we bring to you! We are more than just an ordinary Ramen/Sushi establishment. We desire to bring more to the table than just food! Our restaurant name meaning “gold,” 欣 is just the experience we are looking to give you. A Golden time! We wanted to be different with our dishes and drinks. For example, our specialty is our Golden Kinya Ramen topped with real GOLD FLAKES. Or our specialty cocktails with real gold flakes mixed right into the cocktail. An elegant touch that ties into our name and mission. To give our foodies a glowing and Golden evening.

When you eat at Kinya Ramen you can expect to get an authentic experience just like you were eating in Japan! Some of our chefs have resided on the mainland and have been preparing authentic dishes like ours for many years. Our premium Ramens are infused with rich creamy broth that is full of flavor and undeniably the best around! Our Sushi is always fresh and delicious prepared by the best “Itamae” 板前 around! Our Handcrafted drinks have a twist you haven’t seen before at a Ramen/Sushi establishment. We want to bring an enjoyable, fun & golden experience with every sip!





New Jersey


Our Restaurant

We want to bring you a Golden Experience every

time you dine with us!


A popular symbol of good luck and future fortune that’s
often tied to the meaning of daruma is 七転八起
nanakorobi yaoki, roughly translated as
“fall down seven times, stand up eight”. Daruma are a
symbol of perseverance and staying the path. You have
a goal and you’re tempted to waver or quit, but having
that daruma on your shelf is a constant reminder of what
you originally wanted; why you initially make that promise
to yourself.

Before putting them on display, however, the owner must
make a wish that they hope will come true, or something
they aim to work towards in their own life, before coloring
in one eye, marking the wish. It doesn’t actually matter which
eye is filled in first, but conventionally, the daruma’s left
eye is the more popular choice. Once the wish has come
to fruition, the other eye is coloured in and the daruma is complete.