Find out what your local Kinya has to offer!

The Kinya Experience

At Kinya, we are more than just your ordinary ramen and sushi restaurant. Our focus is more than just the food we serve, it’s the experience we provide to you, our guest.  Kinya means “gold,” 欣 and our food and experience is as good as gold. From our Golden Kinya Ramen topped with real gold flakes to our specialty cocktails with gold flakes mixed in, our ramen bar offers a touch of elegance to make your evening special.

A trip to Kinya is an authentic experience, just like you were dining in Japan! Some of our chefs resided on the mainland and have prepared our authentic dishes for many years. That legacy creates a premium ramen infused with rich, creamy broth that is full of flavor and undeniably the best around! For our restaurants that serve sushi, it’s always fresh and delicious, prepared by the best “Itamae” 板前! No matter the ramen or sushi dish you pick, our handcrafted drinks provide a twist you have never seen before.