About Us

The Story of Kinya

Kinya is the home of the Golden Ramen! We pride ourselves on the meaning of our name, GOLD! Gold is fine, pure, and unmatched to any other metal. That is the experience you get every-time you eat at Kinya. We love our authentic Japanese foods and flavors with fun twists.

From the moment you walk into Kinya, you’ll see our Daruma character everywhere. It is a recognizable symbol of perseverance and good luck in Japanese culture. The one eyed Kinya Daruma mascot is a visual representation of our continuing quest to provide high quality food and service for our guests. His determined expression and bold look make the Kinya Daruma recognizable and memorable.

The design of the Daruma combines elements of the Kinya logo and of our brand icons to create a cohesive look between our marks. Wavy lines on his body reference our signature ramen “golden noodles” and his base matches the bottom of a ramen bowl.

From our design to our food, we’ve infused Kinya with love and appreciation that’s evident in every visit.


A popular symbol of good luck and future fortune that’s
often tied to the meaning of daruma is 七転八起
nanakorobi yaoki, roughly translated as
“fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Daruma are a
symbol of perseverance and staying the path. You have
a goal and you’re tempted to waver or quit, but having
that daruma on your shelf is a constant reminder of what
you originally wanted; why you initially make that promise
to yourself.

Before putting them on display, however, the owner must
make a wish that they hope will come true, or something
they aim to work towards in their own life, before coloring
in one eye, marking the wish. It doesn’t actually matter which
eye is filled in first, but conventionally, the daruma’s left
eye is the more popular choice. Once the wish has come
to fruition, the other eye is coloured in and the daruma is complete.